The Cleanse

Jan 18th

Today it’s Wellness Wednesday! I suppose it’s time to recap how my Nutritive Cleanse went last week.

I kicked off last Monday doing Young Living’s Nutritive Cleanse to springboard me into a 30 Clean style re-set for the rest of January.

The cleanse

The cleanse consisted of doing 3 meals a day for 5 days of a Nutritive Shake at each meal.

Let’s just say it now. I am NOT a shake person.

I did those SlimFast shakes back in the 80’s and have looked at a few juice cleanses. The idea of drinking the same basic thing for 3 meals a day is just not appealing to me.

Nonetheless, I was going to do this to really give my January Re-set a full on proper kick off.

I learned a couple things really quickly. I have no problem doing a shake or liquid based drink at breakfast or lunch. However, when it comes to dinner I need some real food. The cleanse allows 3 snacks during the day which can be nuts or veggies or rice crackers with nut butter, broth, etc. So it not like I was not eating anything at all. I was never hungry. Let me say that again because people assume a cleanse means you are going to be starving and crawling on the floor with no energy. I was NOT Hungry. I did chose to use canned full fat Coconut Milk as the base of my shakes vs. almond milk or water. That worked for me.

So, when I got to the 3rd day, I just could not do the dinner shake anymore. No, I did not break down and eat a regular meal. I just ate my evening snack as dinner. I was not hungry so maybe that played into not wanting the shake.

The more likely reason was I really learned that I am soooooo programmed for variety. The same shake and same taste over and over again was too much. I am the kind of person that for the most part can’t eat leftover the next day for lunch or dinner. I want something different. I twitch as a parent if my kids eat the same type of lunch more than once in a week. I need and crave the variety. In this case I chose to not eat when there was no variety.

With skipping a meal so to speak I was worried my energy would crash. It really did not. I ended the week with a really hairy day that used up a lot of my mental resources and I kept it going pretty well until that late afternoon. I admit that last day did get the better of me and I did eat a few bites of some grilled chicken. I had left my lunch shake out too long with all that was going on at the clinic I work at; it was not drinkable at that point.

What does this all mean? You are all surely thinking this means I was a complete failure at the Nutritive Cleanse.


I am a health coach that truly believes in listening to your body and knowing your body. If you listen to your body it will tell you want it needs. I use all the cleanses and re-sets I do as a case study of myself. Each time they teach me something about my bodies needs and what allows my body to work properly for me.

For ME.


Did you catch what I am saying? What works for me does not necessarily work for you. This is why I do not make up diet plans or give a set plan for a group of people to use. Your health is not one size fits all. You have to add things to your daily life and take others away by trial and error to see what works for you. I can give up all breads & pasta and have a great boost in energy. Other people cannot.

So, I say the cleanse was a success. I learned my limitations and still achieved what I wanted; A kick start to getting back into the clean eating lifestyle that I find my body and well being does best with.

On the to the Re-set!!


What is a re-set? It is just what it says. I am going to kick out some foods that have crept back in our house out of convenience and press the re-start button on my digestive tract.

For me that means no breads. I am also going to kick out dairy for a month. I am not anti-dairy at all. I think dairy can be a healthy part of the diet. However, I have been wondering for a long time if dairy makes my allergies worse. I have made such strides with my allergies with essential oils (Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint together) but I want to get a true case study on if dairy in negatively affecting me. I do so love cheese and a good pizza. So for me, I am resetting to see how my body response and learn from it. I might learn that dairy has no impact on my body. Then I will still eat cheese (good quality cheese).

I often advise most people to take out all sugar and sugar substitutes when they are resetting. I am not doing that this time. I use raw honey and maple syrup and my main sources of sweetener. I have already done the sugar detox and figured out what works for me. If you have never done a full 30 day sugar detox it is worth doing. It tells you a lot about how your own body responses to sugar. We are all different but most people find they have much better memory, better mental clarity, better sleep, and more energy.

I don’t know about you, but my Spring gets crazy! I need all the mental sharpness, sleep and energy I can get!

Onward to feeling great!


Health and Happiness,




PS: Funny side story about the cleanse:

Digest and Cleanse supplement is heavy on peppermint essential oil. It was rather entertaining when after using the bathroom that the toilet smelled like Peppermint. There are worse things.



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