Supplements and Essential Oils for Body Systems

Jun 23rd

While I was at the Young Living convention this past week, I had to opportunity to listen to Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton live. I could not help reflecting on how we all grow and change over the years. A year and a half ago I sat next to Jim Bob at a different conference. Now he is a bit of a celebrity in the Young Living world.

And rightfully so.

He is an amazing health educator. Its on thing to promote health but it’s another thing to be able to speak in depth about the how and why. When I got certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health coach I had to figure out which dietary styles spoke to me and that I felt were what I really wanted to embody for promoting health and wellness for children and families. Dr. Jim Bob speaks directly to my line of thinking. In spite of him being a little over the top, I really devour every bit of education he throws out there.

(I seriously had to move away from sitting near him at that one convention because his constant comments and mic dropping were distracting my note taking).


He only had 45 minutes to give this talk at the Young Living convention but he managed to pack in all the body systems. I am going to give the summary of his talk that will highlight the supplements and essential oils that we need for each body system.


First off, he constantly talks about how God created us for perfect function.   What I think he means by that is that the medical model would like us to believe we are all flawed in some way and that we will get diseases and such and then we need medicine to fix us. Jim Bob’s point is if we take care of our body with what nature intended, are body can function perfectly. But we DO need to take care of it.

Some people have the “not-dying” mode of thinking. What that means is people are living wellness to the point of just not dying. However, Not dying is NOT living. If you want to truly live to be you in your best possible form you need to healthy in mind, body and spirit….you have to move toward being all in. Some people equate living that way to not being fun or not tasting good. We associate the “bad” things as where the fun and happiness are.   What if true happiness, fun, and wellness were in being a well oiled machine?!?   What we fear is being different that other people. We fear doing something no one else in our friend group is doing.

One of the other speakers at the convention said, we are the sum of the parts of our 5 closest friends.   If our friends are not healthy and living a lifestyle that is about taking care of body and soul, neither are we going to be taking care of our body and soul.   I just hope that my little part that I am giving to friends is making them healthier and happier people. This is why I am on this journey. I truly want us all TOGETHER to be healthier and happier people in every aspect of our lives. I am on my own journey. I am nowhere near perfect and I am extremely flawed. However, with the strength of others I am building a better me. We are made for perfect if we are willing to embrace that journey. (and don’t give me that no one can be perfect stuff…you get the point…we have to tools to be healthy and be what god intended. Period.)

I did sort of digress there away from the bullet points of what Dr. Jim Bob said but I think that is important to set the foundation of WHY you need to consider taking care of yourself better. So without further ado, let’s talk about keeping our body systems health.

Supporting your body systems is about supporting the systems preventatively and not just supporting symptoms when they arise.

As I have said a zillion times that Jim Bob hits home so nicely, is that we all need some core supplements. I came out of my own certification being rather on the anti-supplement side. We should be getting everything from our food, right?!? The truth is that our food supply, even the organic side does not have the amount of nutrients we need.

Here are the core supplements we all should be on:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Vitamin D3


A Greens Supplement

Ningxia Red



They are in order of importance. So if your budget is tight or taking a lot of supplements is hard for you, start with the top and build from there. Even I am a work in progress on this.


Translated to Young Living Supplements here is what you should be taking:


Life 9 Probiotic


Ningxia red

Master Formula

Note that there is no Vitamin D3 there. Young Living doesn’t make a stand alone one yet. Jim Bob on working on changing that. For now I take a quality Vitamin D3 that has at least 5000iu in a single dose.



Why should you be taking Young Living Supplements over others? In a nutshell, the essential oils in the supplement make the nutrients more bioavailable in the body. Studies show that with the essential oils, these supplements have an 80% absorption rate in the body vs. only 30% for most other supplements out there. I am not going to go into descriptions of each supplement or oil here because they are all worth a post to themselves. For now here are the systems and what you need to get that system in balance.


The Brain and Emotions:

Everything starts with the brain. Therefore we need to be taking care of ourselves mentally and spiritually for all the other systems to work optimally.

Oils and Supplement that help the Brain:

The Feeling kit ( Valor, Joy, Harmony, etc)

Super B Vitamins


The Nervous System:

Frankincense Essential oil




The Digestive System:

30% of our immune system and 30% of our nervous system is in our gut. It’s our second brain and therefore the system that should be paid the most attention to. You all know I can talk for days on gut health so we will leave it at that for today.


Life 9 Proboitic

DiGize Essential oil


The Immune System:

Thieves oil

Clove oil ( the highest oil on the ORAC scale)

Ningxia Red


The Respiratory System:

Frankincense Essential oil



The Cardiovascular System:

Majoram Essential oil


Ningxia Red

Lemongrass Essential oil



Basil Essential oil




Urinary tract:

Did you know that the kidneys primarily control blood pressure?

Citrus Essential oils


Ningxia Red


Hormonal System:







Did you note that when broken out into systems, there are a few that come up in multiple systems?

OmegaGize, Life 9 and Ningxia Red.


So that is where you start if you have not already.   Get on your Young Living account and order the supplements and essential oils you need.


Any questions about individual supplements? Ask away. I don’t always have all the answers but I will certainly work to find out the answer for you.


Health and Happiness to you!


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