Health Coaching Programs

Feb 11th

Programs and Services:                                                                                    Starting pricing:

1:1 6 month Health Coaching Program                                                          $175 per month

  • Whole Healthy Whole Sexy….moms getting their whole sexy back
  • Teenage Dream….awesome body, skin and mind
  • Whole Oncology….Fighting cancer with food

Group Workshops; 1 hour                                                                                             $20/pp

  • Childrens A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down
  • Eat the Rainbow
  •  Green Teens
  • Awesome Athletes
  • College Culinary
  • Dorm Dilemma
  •  Adult Sugar Blues
  • The Skinny on Fats
  • Supplements
  • The Second Brain; Your Gut

Talks for School Groups or Businesses:                                                           $250/ hour

Essential Oil  101 Classes:                                                                                   Free

Essential Oil Make and Take Classes:                                                           $5-$10 per person

Group Workshop Series/Camps:

8 week session; 2 hours per session                                                                           $300 per session


Cooking Classes                                                                                                       $40 per class

  • Cooking for Cancer
  • Away from the Table
  • Appetizers for Athletes

Grocery Store Tours and Pantry Clean Outs                                                    $75 per hour



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