My New Journey of Health; Essential Oils, Oola, Yoga, Homemade Mommy, and Dani Johnson

Mar 30th

I have been taking a hiatus from blog writing in the last year.

Other things have been occupying my thoughts.

The short answer is I have been furthering my own Health Journey.

But here is the long version.

Over the last year I have really been putting more time into focusing on Whole Health and not just the Nutrition side that I like to talk about so much. I have discovered a few things that have changed the Journey I thought I was on. It’s funny how one thing leads to another and a cascade of new directions comes your way. The biggest of those was finding Essential Oils. It was the catalyst of all that followed.

IMG_9959So where did the Essential Oil journey start from?

Once people started talking about Nutrition and Integrative health with me many people started asking about Essential Oils. My gut nursing instinct had me telling people “don’t be using that voodoo! You don’t know how those are going to react with other things you are taking”. After enough questions I thought it behooved me to learn about essential oils. Fortunately, February 2015, an old Sorority sister came back into my life at the right time. She educated me about essential oils. She introduced me to Lindsey Gremont of the Homemade Mommy who not only blogged about health through her experience with the Weston Price Foundation but also had so much to say on how Essential Oils changed her health for the better. Lindsey’s story really spoke to me so I dove right in. It’s took me ONE month to be completely hooked and become a true believer in the power of essential oils. I found I was using fewer medications that I was previously using and I felt so much healthier in body and spirit. The effects on regulating my emotions were something I would never have guessed I would believe in. A year later I feel more amazing than I have ever felt. I use no medications for my previous asthma/allergies nor do I take any medications really anything for that matter.IMG_8559_2

So, last summer I became a distributor of Young Living Essential oils and launched my oily division of the Whole Table called the WhOILy Table. I just had to tell people about how amazing Essential Oils are! I am on a mission to share my experience and the benefits of Essential Oils with everyone one I know. But you know what? It is not just about those little bottles of oils and “selling” a product. It’s a lifestyle.

I was talking with a like-minded friend one day and I said to her, “You know, one of the things I have most gotten out of using Essential oils is that they have made me more mindful. They have caused me to stop and think about my health and my body and what it needs. They have caused me to pause and think about my mood and how I am reacting to the world around me

Mindfulness. Its something I talk about when coaching people in terms of eating; Mindful eating. Mindfulness has taken my health to a whole new level thanks to the Essential Oils. Integrative Nutrition talked a lot about Mindfulness in my training but I was not listening until I started using Essential Oils.

So see, our journey is always changing. We sometimes need to hear things again in a different context to have it speak to us.  For me my ears were open to finally hear about being Mindful. I started setting more daily intentions, having more gratitude and, well…. breathing.


IMG_9231Of course like anything, joining a new tribe opens so many other paths. Being more Mindful lead to trying Yoga. I now almost exclusively do yoga for exercise. The mindfulness led to Oola. I was introduced to the Oola guys because they paired up with Young Living to create some oil blends that I use regularly now. The Oola guys are all about the wheel of health. In Integrative Nutrition we call it the Circle of Life. The idea is that your whole health is made up of many areas of your life; Faith, Finance, Fun, Family, Nutrition, etc. If one is off balance then your wheel does not roll . Well, my Nutrition areas were strong but so many other areas of my health were depleted. I had work to do.   I went into the Fall knowing I needed to focus more on other areas of my Wheel and take the focus off what I thought my purpose was suppose to be. I plugged along all Fall with many new purposes. However, I knew in the back of my mind I was avoiding the areas of my wheel that were really low.

In January I went to a “business training” for small businesses mostly to learn how to be better at having my own home businesses. While I came out of the training with a lot of helpful tools for building a successful business what I really took away is something I could never have imagined. Dani Johnson pointed out quite clearly that my priorities in my life were way off track. I was doing it all wrong. That deep down-back-burning-nagging of what I was not focusing on came roaring in like a Mac truck.   My IMG_0067family priorities and my faith were way off tract.   I was not being successful because my wheel was not turning. I came home a different person than when I left.   Dani left me with so much to work on that had nothing to do with food or even essential oils. Now I am working on implementing Dani’s Time Secrets among other thing. I have my own accountability coach keeping me on track. Time Secrets teaches you to prioritize your life and business in a whole new way. Faith has come into the forefront and realigning the family priorities has become a game changer.

Whole health.   Isn’t that why I called my business the Whole Table? I could talk the talk but I was not living the walk. The walk is hard. It’s hard going upstream from what everyone else seems to be doing.   But I am fueled with purpose for the new journey; a journey of TRUE total health. A journey that I hope you will on join me on.


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