My Health Story

Aug 16th

First and foremost I am a foodie! I love really good food.

But aside from loving food, for 17 years I have been working with children with cancer. I am crazy passionate about Children’s Health. Since the time in 8th grade when my best friend was diagnosed with bone cancer I have watched and worked with children who’s health has been compromised in some way. As a mom I am passionate about all children being healthy so that they do not develop cancer or any other debilitating diseases.

I struggled as a teen with how to be healthy. The message I heard was that I was overweight; that I ate too much. I had poor self image that fed the cycle of emotional eating. I did Weight Watchers to no success in my teens and I did crazy fad diets and Jenny Craig in College. It was not until I was working with children myself that I began to understand the importance of what we put in our bodies but also the importance of self esteem and body image and its relationship to food. I was able to change the poor relationship I had with food in my young adult life into a healthy relationship as an adult.

With the Whole table I want to help children be the best healthy individual they can be. Healthy means something different for every person. For children to be healthy, the whole family needs to be healthy. Through moms and dads and kids themselves I hope to build a healthy and happier community.


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