Essential Oils

Jan 18th

My passion for integrative nutrition led me to learning about Essential Oils.  

Essential oils can be an amazing addition to your overall health.  By replacing things you use on your body with Essential oils and essential oil infused products your over all health improves.

I use Young Living Essential Oils.  Young Living is a direct sales company.  I know that can turn some people off.  However, Young Living is the oldest and largest Essential oil company in the world.  Young Living owns all if its own farms.  They have an open door policy for all their farms as well as a Seed to Seal Promise to all their members.  It’s Farm to Table of Essential oils.  I am not called the WHOLE Table by accident.  I want everything I am recommending to be in the farm to table spirit whether is what you are eating, putting on your body, and using around your house.

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The Premium Starter Kit

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