Easter Candy Truth Bomb

Mar 26th


I am feeling spicy today. It has been so long since I have written a blog post (more on that later). My thoughts today are just a little too long for a Facebook post and they can not be captured in an Instagram post.

I was reading Lisa Leake’s 100 Days of Real Food blog about Easter candy. Much like her I like to point out the levels of sugar and its ill effect when candy seems to have predominated the holiday. In this case we are talking Easter. Easter is the 2nd largest candy-consuming holiday after Halloween.

Lisa pointed out that one Cadbury egg or one single peep has a child’s entire days worth of sugar in it. For those who have not been to one of my classes on Sugar, the amount a child school be getting in a single day is 4 teaspoons for the entire day. Today I am not going to go on about what then happens to the sugar in the body when it is more than 4 teaspoons a day. You can come to one of my classes if you want to full story on sugar. I am thinking about bigger things today.

So I was sitting in my car thinking about all the sugar in the Easter baskets. I admit I was cranky thinking about it. I was cranky because yes my children too will be wanting candy in their Easter baskets. The only problem there is I have no intension of putting candy in their baskets. This means friction on Easter in my house. Why do they want candy in their basket? The Answer: “because everyone else gets candy” in their baskets. It’s hard being the one trying to make the uphill climb of change.IMG_0740

Then like my mom knew what I was thinking, this text came in:

Mom: I sent off a box with Easter Candy in it

Me: Is it Healthy Easter candy?

Mom: Of course Not!

In the face of not buying any candy it is fascinating that people then want to give you and your children candy as if you are deprived. I can tell you I have zero desire to eat a Peep, a Cadbury egg or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Seriously. Once you reset your body to not craving sugar you really do not want it or care about it. That is not being deprived.

So I started to wonder how on earth did sugar become such a prominent part of Easter. Isn’t Easter suppose to be about the resurrection of Jesus?


Of course we could say this is the candy companies fault much like the candy at Halloween, Valentine’s day and the like. I thought to myself, I must go home and research how candy and the Easter basket got attached to Easter itself. After all, gifts at Christmas have some historical frame of reference. So, I DID do a little research. The chocolate Easter bunny is credited to the Germans in the 19th century. Much like Christmas traditions of stockings, trees, gifts, etc. all the parts of the Easter traditions have some interesting historical background of how they got started. However, I was looking for more than just the sugar relation to the Easter basket. I wanted to know how Easter baskets full of Candy got associated with the resurrection of Jesus. The answer is there really is not any connection. When Jesus rose from the dead the disciples were not chewing on a purple Peep to celebrate.

So here we are at the biggest holiday in Christians lives; Easter, and we are chewing on Peeps to celebrate.IMG_0739

Now I bet more than half of the Christians in the United States do not even go to church or think about Jesus and why his resurrection is so vital in Christianity. I bet those same people will be buying Easter baskets filled with all that sugar to feed to their children because “that is what you are suppose to do on Easter” whether you go to church or not. Truth Bomb time….if you aren’t going to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus you have no reason to be buying an Easter basket full of sugar to celebrate.  You might be thinking, well it’s about celebrating Spring and the idea of rebirth as new things grow. That is all fine and dandy except do not call it an Easter basket. Call it a Spring basket and don’t hand them out ON Easter. And definitely don’t fill them with dyes and sugar.


The hard truth is that no one needs candy in his or her Easter basket. Instead what we should be doing remembering why we celebrate Easter to begin with.

We have become a society of Sugar addicted, spiritually depleted Christians.

Note that I did say WE. I say that because I am no saint. I struggle with the sugar battle in my house and I am not always on the winning end of that. And I definitely can be put in the spiritually depleted category a lot of the time. BUT I am passionate and committed to bring a healthy balance to my family, in all areas of a healthy lifestyle. As long as I am moving forward on the journey, even if it’s baby steps, I feel like I am winning; the wheel of health is rolling fairly well.IMG_0742

So do you think you could be a renegade with me? Fill that Easter basket with brain nourishing items and feed your spirit this Easter. It’s not an easy journey but one I think is worth taking. Say no to the Peep.

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