Table the Sugar Rules

Aug 29th

getty_rf_photo_of_processed_sugar_and_raw_sugarThere are only a few more days until we are Tabling the Sugar!

As you think ahead past the long weekend of barbeques and ice cream treats to the Challenge I thought I would remind you for the very simple and basic rules. There is only ONE rule.

1. Cut Out All Added Sugar

That means take the sugar out of your coffee, tea, your muffins, your homemade sauces, etc.

If it comes in a Package, box, bag, can, or carton read the ingredient label (the long list). Chances are that there is some form of Sugar in those packaged items. Your sweetened Almond milk and your Cherrios have sugar.  Your jar of pasta sauce many very likely have sugar.  Even your Food Should Taste Good chips have sugar.

General tips to remember when doing a Sugar Detox:

  • If the food Walks, swims, flies or grows on a bush, you can eat it. (YES you can eat fruit and all veggies)
  • If the food comes out of a package, box, bag, or can, you need to read the Ingredient label and not just the grams of sugar. If it says 0 grams of Sugar it still might have sugar in it.
  • Getting back in the kitchen and cooking your own food is the key to success
  • Do not count Calories. Focus on eating real foods.
  • Do not look at fat grams. We are a generations taught that fat is bad. It’s sugar that is making America fat. Fat from nuts, Avocado, Chia, small portions of grass fed meats, coconut and olive oils to name a few are good for you.

Sugar-Coke-HFCSWhy are you doing this?

Recent studies on sugars effects on the brain, our digestive tract and our organs suggest that sugar and the processed foods are the reason behind all the inflammation in our bodies.  That inflammation leads to heart disease, diabetes, cancers, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, etc.  Large studies followed for 30+ years done by Dr. Walter Willett and Colleagues from Harvard show that all the low-fat, high carb, high sugar diets we have been told to eat are raising the levels of Heart disease, Diabetes and Obesity! Turns out we need more healthy fats and less sugar.

Furthermore, Too much sugar effects the academic and athletic performance of our children.

Our gut health is more important that anyone ever thought before.  Getting your gut healthy by eating real foods with real nutrients and no chemicals is the key to a healthy brain and body.

But why do we love Sugar so much?

Sugar is addictive.  Studies have shown that Sugar works on the same neurological pathways as hard core drugs like Cocaine.  People crave sugar like a drug.  Once the body has it all the time, its hard to stop having it all the time. Breaking the addictive cycle is the goal.

I can’t do it for 30 days!

Yes, you can!  The first few days may be hard.  It takes a good 10-14 days to really get that sugar craving out of your body. After a few day you will start feeling different.  You might sleep better.  You might have less heart burn.  You might have more energy! Once you get the cravings beat, you will find real food tastes differently.  You will enjoy foods differently.  You will not want the sugary foods like you did before. The 30 days is to realign your lifestyle of eating.  Its the beginning of a lifestyle change.

Will I ever be able to eat sugar again?

Yes, In a different way.  After about Day 14 I will talk about adding back in things like Honey and Maple Syrup instead of refined processed white sugar.  The goal of the detox is to create a new you where you will not want to drink Gatorade, sodas, juice boxes, Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and eat store bought frosting with a spoon. Desserts become less frequent and homemade. You can still eat ice cream once in awhile and have your favorite birthday cake.  The sweets become occasional treats, just like they were back before the days of  epidemic obesity and diabetes.

You can do it!  One Rule: Cut Out all Added Sugar.

Health and happiness,


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